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Summer Holiday August '06
A day after Legoland the weather got much better with a nice sweet spot in the middle of Switzerland. As we hadn't made any firm plans on where to go we decided to travel to where the weather looked best. Turned out to be a good guess. We went to the same campground as we did for the rowing races earlier but now we had much more time to explore. We did a cool train ride with the steepest 'zahnradbahn' in the world, went to Starbucks in Luzern, built our own fishing gear and of course swam in the lake.
After a week of camping we moved on to the French Alps where we had rented a nice chalet up in the valley close to the town of Morzine. More hiking, biking and minigolf fun were the ingredients of a very relaxing week.
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Legoland August '06
As the weather wasn't too great to leave yet for our planned camping trip we decided to go to Legoland Deutschland for a day which is just an hour's drive away from the house. A very nice park with tons of fun stuff for the kids. View the pictures

Inky's 6th Birthday 9 August '06
Inger's 6th; time is running fast, unbelievable. Her first party in Germany with friends from school and the neighborhood. Inger got a nice new bike for her birthday with gears as she was outgrown the yellow 'Puky' and she needed the gears to deal with hills. We thought she would be most excited about this bike but it turned that the pink feathered magic wand was a much bigger hit. Lots of fun at the party doing games and chalk drawing on the street. View the pictures  
SUMMER Around Tü July '06
Even more geocaches were hunted down over the summer months which led us to some nice areas in the vicinity of Tübingen. We also went for a week to the Austrian mountains together with grandma and grandpa De Boer. View the pictures

Berlin 24 May '06
It's been a while since our last visit to Berlin, the place where Oli, Bine and Maja live. It was fun to back there for a long weekend around 'Himmelfahrt'. Wouter and Helen came over from Holland too so we almost had the complete 'Oude Schicht' rowing crew together again. The weather could have been better but nevertheless we had a ton of fun exploring the city, geocaching, BBQ-ing, playing with the kids and with some rowing of course. View the pictures   and Wouter's pics
Spring Geocaching May '06
As the weather is getting nice and warm and everything has turned green, we've picked up our geocaching again. Turns out there are many nice caches in the Tübingen area with many fun riddles to solve. This sport 'where you are the search engine' is bringing us to nice places we would never had explored otherwise. Usually we go hiking, sometimes we take the tandem-trailer-train instead.
A list of recent caches we've made you can find at the geocaching website, Anne is usually logging our results there. A fun feature is to open this little .kmz waypoint file in Google Earth so you can fly to our recent caches for yourself.
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Cees and Anne '99 16 April '06
As it has been 7 years ago today that we got married in Delft, we thought this would be a nice point in time to put up some of the pictures from that day. We recently scanned a lot of our old photo material from the pre digital age including these nice classic black and white that Arnold made. View the pictures
Waterfall Bad Urach April '06
We've been exploring the Swäbische Alb in recent weeks. One nice find was this very nice hike to a 40 meter waterfall from the Alb accross from a small town called Bad Urach. You could even walk up to the top of the fall and peek over the rim. View the pictures

Willem van Dok 23 March 1930 - 1 April 2006
Goodbye dear dad. Life will never be the same.Opa Wim and Inger in Otterlo - Summer 2002

More snow february '06
More snow pictures from another ski weekend in Austria. the weather was very nice and more snow available than you can imagine. Besides skiing we did a long hike up to a 'hütte' from where sledded back down to the village. View the pictures
Ski Schwarzenberg January '06
Early January we went for a few days to Schwarzenberg, the small village just accross the border in Austria where Anne's family has always enjoyed winter ski breaks. Good thing is that this is now just about a 2 and a half hour drive from Tübingen.
Nienke had her first experience on skis. She had a great time learning to ski from one of the teachers and after 3 days she could make it of the 'Weistanne' all by herself, amazing. Inger was much more ambituous than that. It won't be that long before we can't keep up with her anymore. She gets better on skis every day and even managed to pick up the silver medal in the 'Gasterennen' race!
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Winter Starts November '05
Hurray, all our stuff from overseas arrived and we've now moved into the new house. It's a very nice place on the edge of a nice and kid friendly area of Tübingen called the Herrlesberg. On one side we're in the neighborhood and on the other side of the house the 'Schoenbuch', a large national park lies right at the back door. Nienke had her birthday and the first snow fell and it got colder.... way colder. -15 degrees centigrade at night for weeks in a row. brrrr. View the pictures
Second month in Tübingen October '05
A couple highlights from October, our second month in this new place. We're about to buy a house, Cees is still ramping up in his new job and in the mean time we're exploring our new environment during the weekends. The 'Entenrennen' was by far the most surprising event so far. The ingredients: 3000 rubber duckies, a slow running river (the Neckar) and prizes to win for the fastest ducks.View the pictures
Crater Lake, Oregon August '05
One of the must see's on our summer trip was Crater Lake in southern Oregon. This former volcano (Mt. Mazuma) erupted some 10.000 years ago leaving an enourmous crater that over the years filled with rain water and melting snow, leading to the worlds clearest lake in the world. Visibilty goes over a 100 meters deep. One the north side is a steep descent to the water. We couldn't resisit not to take a swim - which was to our surprise allowed. View the pictures

Redwoods, California August '05
Trees bigger than you can imagine.The redwoods in northern California beat all recordswith the tallest trees in the world. We did some great hikes in different parts of this National Park and relaxed on the beach where no one was to be seen within miles. View the pictures



Oregon coast, OR August '05
One of the most scenic drives in the US is the Highway 101 along the western coast. The part through Oregon is the best. We camped at various places, had a lot of fun on the quiet beaches and lagunes and also happened to run into a herd of Sea lions in a cave! View the pictures
Last summer in Seattle July '05
We did some nice trips during our last month in Seattle. Sea aquarium in downtown, camping and hiking around our favorite campground at Mt. Rainier, watching the 4th of July from Lake Washington with the Frangooles. Also fun was the garage sale at our house were we tried to get rid of junk (and some good stuff too). View the pictures